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“From the start, when I reached out to Justin Carter and his team, I was met with kindness and a real sense of understanding. They genuinely cared about what I was going through and made me feel at ease. Justin is a sincere guy and a family man through and through. He clearly puts his heart into his work and wants the best for everyone he represents. He stepped up to take on my case when it seemed like no one else would. He was upfront and honest, always set realistic expectations, and was incredibly responsive. Whenever I had questions or needed to talk, he was there, and if he couldn’t answer right away, he made sure to get back to me as soon as possible. Justin is a true professional with a lot of experience and a strong determination to fight for his clients. He managed to get my case approved, which was a lifeline for me and my family during a tough time. For anyone dealing with a Worker’s Comp issue, I’d sincerely recommend Justin and his team. They have the expertise, care, and commitment you need on your side.”

— Cody C.

“Justin took on my case after I sustained serious injuries during an MVA while working. Justin made certain both my health care and financial support were taken care of while I endured a major surgery and during the recovery period. After I was deemed as medically stable, Justin negotiated with the workers’ compensation attorney and made certain to see that all medical care that may occur in the following years, as well as a financial settlement was completed, and the case was closed. The attention to my health and his compassion for all that I went through was impeccable. Justin is a wonderful attorney as well as a human being and I can’t thank him enough for all he did for me.”

— Rena K.

“I suffered a work injury that ultimately ended my promising career in the culinary industry. I was in a deep depression, getting screwed around by the insurance company, tired of not getting the medication or treatments I needed. Suffering seemed to be my new normal and I was losing hope fast. Everything changed when I contacted Mr. Carter. He explained all of my options and always showed me the upmost respect and made me feel like I had control over my life again. He fought hard for me and got me the compensation and treatment I deserved. Even though this time might feel like the lowest of lows, trust me when I say that with his team, it can be a beautiful new beginning to the rest of your life.”

— Daniel D.

“I had a pretty tough case and very glad I chose Justin to help me settle it. I felt that he was always readily available and when he wasn’t his staff was always helpful and kind. I would recommend him to anyone!”

— Albert C.

“Prior to finding Carter Law Center, I was worried about my job because of my injury. Justin knows Worker’s Comp law like the back of his hand. I referred four people that I know with injury from a workplace. They all thanked me for the outcome of their cases. Thank you for protecting my wellbeing and getting me compensated.”

— Josef A.

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Our founding attorney, Justin Carter, is a committed workers’ compensation lawyer with a long record of success. For answers to your immediate questions, please call Carter Law Center in Elk Grove, California, at 916-794-4006 or send us an email. Our goal is to help you get the full workers’ comp benefits you need and deserve. Se habla español.